Are you new to blockchain? I’ve wasted many hours over many months reading lots of crap. If it’s helpful in saving you some time, here are my top recommendations:

General Blockchain and Web3

  1. By far, my number one recommendation for those who are new to the concepts: MIT Opencourseware Blockchain and Money course, taught by Gary Gensler. Gary’s not only super influential in the space (a la being U.S. SEC Chair), but he’s also a very good teacher and really dove deep to lead a great class.
  2. Don’t forget to read the Bitcoin and Ethereum white papers!
  3. Most blockchain projects today are just defi projects in disguise, so it’s good to get a basic understanding of defi as well: DeFi Beyond the Hype

My attempts to define key terms in a way my grandmothers would understand

Going deeper

Good news sources

Data sources

Good, non-scammy web3 building resources

Other communities. Still vetting if they’re any good…

Blockchain Gaming & Metaverse

[[[[Section Under Construction]]]]

Quality News/Info Sources

Thoughtful Games

Best Resources for Introduction to the Space

Keep in mind: None of the “models” for blockchain games are proven or sustainable yet. These are all experiments.